Newcastle West R.C. Parish Records



24 July 1815 Anne of Martin Connors and Ally Heffernan.sponsors Richard Nash and Anne Heffernan.

21 August 1815 Bridget of Ralph Nash and Anne Nash; sponsors Thady Connors and Margaret O'Brien.

16-18 June 1816 Catherine of Michael Mc Coy and Catherine Sheehy; sponsors Frank Nash and Kitty Cussen.

September 1816 J--- of James Murphy and Ellen Nash; sponsors James Sullivan and Kate Sullivan.

April 1817 Richard of Richard Nash and Joan Mc Auliff; sponsors --Reagan and --Mahony.

27 August 1819 Daniel of Joseph Roberts and Mary Shanahan; sponsors John Burges and Catherine Sullivan.

December 1819 John of John Nash and Mary Cussen; sponsors John Bently and Catherine Cussen.

June (before 18th) 1820 Francis of Francis Nash and Mary Dalton; sponsors James Cussen and Mary Nash.

27 January 1822 Elizabeth of John Nash and Mary Cussen; sponsors Frank Nash and Mary Nash.

12 November 1841 Margaret of James Nash and Margaret Quinn; sponsors Patrick Gehigan and Mary Quinn.

25 February 1842 Patrick of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Patrick Rice and Mary N ash.

4 November 1844 Richard of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Richard Shanessy and Ellen Shanessy.

1 December 1844 Mary of John Nash and Johalma Sheehan; sponsors John Moore and Anna Dooly.

5 February 1846 Johanna of John Callaghan and Margaret Nash; sponsors Francis Nash and Mary N ash.

26 January 1847 Catherine of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Maurice Casey and Mary Mc Mahon.

23 May 1847 John of John Nash and Johanna Nash; sponsors Henry Copley and Alice Atkins.

23 May 1848 Michael of William Nash and Ellen Moran; sponsors Dan Mc Auliff and Mary Sullivan.

12 March 1849 Mary Ann of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Patrick Nash and Catherine O'Connor.

29 July 1850 Mary of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Jeremiah Clifford and Mary Mc Mahon.

13 August 1852 Francis of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Patrick Nash and Margaret O'Connor .

31 October 1854 Patrick of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Edmund Flanigan and Hanora Clifford.

16 June 1857 Thomas of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Michael Harris and Ellen Noonan.

30 October 1858 Margaret of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors Jeremiah Clifford and Mary Shaughnessy.

23 January 1862 James of John Nash and Bridget Mc Mahon; sponsors John Mc Mahon and Mary Nash.

11 October 1864 David of Richard Nash and Mary Clifford; sponsors John Nash and Mary Woulfe.

30 December 1864 Eliza of John Nash and Bridget McMahon; sponsors Richard Nash and Mary McMahon.

8 May 1866 Jim of John Nash and Bridget Mc Mahon; sponsors Patrick Nash and Mary Nash.

Newcastle R.C. Parish Abstracts (Additional Material)

26 February 1816 Neal of Dennis Kilmartin and IvIary Barey; sponsors Barth Egan and Biddy Nash.

25 April 1816 Jane to Thomas Fitzgerald and Mary Nash; sponsors Thomas Dalton and Catherine Moore (or Moone)

8 June 1816 Richard of James Mc Cann and Mary Broderick; sponsors Pierce McCann and Nancy Nash.

26 March 1821 James of Edmund Keane and Johanah Nash; sponsor Anna Keane.

2 April 1833 Elizabeth of James Raleigh and Catherine Nash; sponsors Michael Creagan and Mary Shanessy.

8 January 1835 John of Kennedy O'Kennedy and Ellen Nash; sponsors John Casey and Hanora Flanigan.

11 February 1841 Patrick of Michael Moran and Ellen Nash; sponsors Denis Flanigan and Margaret Nash.

30 May 1843 Margaret of Michael Moran and Ellen Nash; sponsors Patrick Nash and Mary Williams.

26 June 1848 James of Michael Hanly and Margaret Nash; sponsors Michael Moran and Johanna Nash

20 September 1874 Daniel of Patrick Mullins and Johanna Hunt; sponsors Francis Nash and Johanna


1830.02.16 Nash, Js. Jna. Burns. Dl. Burns/Jn. Burns
1839.04.15 Nash, N.R. Johanna Mangan. Jn. N.R./ Cath. Dooley.
1841.04.20 Nash, Richard. Margaret Hammond. Jn. Hammond/ Mary Hastings
1844.02.20 Nash, James. Catherine McNamara. Jn. Flaherty/Mgt. Ryan.

1847.07.30 Nash, Patrick. Brigt. Riordan. Michael Keane/ Mary Madden.
1848.02.05 Nash, James. Bridget Nelville. Rev. Js Donavan/ Ml. Shanahan.
1852.01.31 Nash, Michael and Ann Nelville. Jn. Murray/Mary Ann Hastings.
1852.08.16 Nash, Thomas and Margaret Mescal. Joe. Carney/ Bridgt. Mescal.
1857.10.31 Nash, Michael and Mary Madigan. Mark Sheehy/Hana. Nash.
1860.02.08 Nash, Thomas and Ellen Galvin. Ml. Galvin/Jn. Galvin.
1873.02.22 Nash, Michael and Catherine O'Donnell. Thomas Nash/Cath. Conway.
1885.02.17 Nash, John and Maria Liston. ? Nash/ Maria Ann Shaughessey.
1887.02.17 Nash, Michael and Maria Corbett. Thomas Madigan/ Mgt. Mangan.



James Nash and Catharine MaMahon
Child: David Chr. 3/17/1845

Michael Nash and Margaret Parsons
Child: Denis Chr. 3/27/1848

Edmond Naish and Mary Sheahan
Child: Michael Chr. 7/28/1862
Margaret Chr. 5/20/1865
Hanora Chr. 7/2/1867
Edmond Chr. 7/25/1869

James Nash and Margaret Kiely
Child: Ellen Chr. 7/1829

Patrick Nash and Bridget Lynch
Child: Ellen Chr. 2/10/1840
Ellen Chr. 2/9/1841

Patrick Naish and Bridget Riordan *
Child: Ellen Chr. 7/8/1842

Michael Naish and Eliza Molony
Child: Ellen Chr. 4/19/1846

James Nash and Mary Leaney
Child: Ellen Chr. 12/24/1866

John Nash and Mary Kirby
Child: Margaret Chr. 9/19/1863

James Nash and Catharine Frynnane
Child: Michael Chr. 7/28/1849

Francis Nash and Bridget Connell *
Child: Michael Chr. 2/16/1844

Patrick Naish and Elizabeth Enright
Child: Patrick Chr. 3/17/1871

Patrick Nash and Mary Crotty
Child: Patrick Chr. 5/22/1870

Michael Nash and Mary Moloney
Child: Richard Chr. 12/14/1832

Michael Nash and ? Summers
Child: Seragh Chr. 4/13/1831
Mary Chr. 3/24/1836


Child: THOMAS Chr. 1/12/1835

Thomas Naish and Mary Meskil
Child: Thomas Chr. 11/12/1854
John Chr. 5/8/1856
Michael Chr. ?/4/1860

Patrick Nash and Mary Costello
Child: Johana Chr. 3/28/1840
James Chr. 2/10/1842
Mary Chr. 1/23/1845
Catharine Chr. 5/12/1848
Sarah Chr. 2/1/1852
Anne Chr. 3/6/1854
Margaret Chr. 5/6/1855
Patrick Chr. 11/9/1857
Michael Chr. 1/16/1860
Charlotte Chr. 12/16/1866

James Naish
Child: Bridget Chr. 3/22/1829

James Nash and Bridget McNamara
Child: Bridget Chr. 7/22/1849

James Naish and Catherine McNamara
Child: John Chr. 4/9/1847
Bridget Chr. 12/18/1851
Mary Chr. Mary 7/24/1854

Patrick Nash and Eliza Galway
Child: Brigdam Chr. 2/21/1858

Michael Nash and Catherine Nevil
Relative Edmond Naish Mary Sheahan
Child: Sarah Chr. 5/9/1853
Margaret Chr. 11/1/1855
Catherine Chr. 4/15/1860
Sarah Anne Chr. 6/29/1869
Brigidam Chr. 1/17/1873

Carroll Naish and Mary Sampson
Child: Caroline Chr. 5/16/1832

Lawrence Naish and Hanora Connors (MY LINE)
Child: Cate Chr. 7/6/1848
Catherine Chr. 6/7/1838

Michael Naish and Mary Maloney*
Child: Catherine Chr. 12/16/1841

Richard Naish and Hanora Kane
Child: Catherine Chr. 12/20/1829
James Chr. 3/23/1832
Hanora Chr. 4/24/1836
Mary Chr. 9/20/1838
Carroll Naish and Ellen Stauton
Child: Secilia Chr. 5/6/1843
John Patrick Chr. 10/3/1857
Mary Teresa Chr. 4/29/1860
Helena Caroline Chr. 2/22/1863

Carroll Naish and Mary McNamara
Child: Henry Chr. 12/11/1839

James Nash and Mary Cusak
Child: James Chr. 4/4/1843

Richard Nash and Margaret Hammond
Child: James Chr. 12/10/1848

Patrick Naish and Mary Healey
Child: Michael Chr. 5/3/1852
Johanna Chr. 1/30/1853
Mary Chr. 5/9/1854
Margaret Chr. 10/27/1857
Michael Chr. 3/25/1860

John Naish and Johana Mangane
Child: John Chr. 1/19/1843

Michael Nash and Mary Madigan
Child: John Chr. 10/17/1861

Thomas Nash and Sarah Galvin
Child: John Chr. 8/3/1862
Margaret Chr. 7/21/1865

Carroll Naish and Anne Margaret O'Carroll
Child: John Joseph Chr. 8/29/1841
Richard Chr. 8/10/1845

* other names mentioned with these christenings: Richard Naish and Catherine Griffin

ASKEATON-BALLYSTEEN BAPTISMS RC FROM MICROFILM ROLL WITH SPONSORS( work in progress)Parents listed first, then sponsors.

1829.12.20 Nash, Catherine-Richard Nash and Hanorah Keane, Michael Nash, Mary Keane.

1829.--.-- Nash, Helen-John Nash and Margaret Kiely, Patrick Hanley, Mary Malley.

1830.09.08 Nash, Mary-THOMAS NASH AND MARY KILMARTIN, John Nash and Helen Kilmartin.(MY LINE)

1831.04.13 Nash, Sarah-Michael Nash and Mary Sommers, John Hogan and Mary Quinlan.

1832.03.23 Nash, James-Richard and Hanorah Keane, James Quinlan, Mary Quinlan.

1832.05.16 Nash, Caroline-Charles Nash and Mary Sampson, Robert Gaff and Mary Hynes.

1835.01.12 Nash, Thomas-THOMAS NAISH AND MARY KILMARTIN, Cornelius Leary and Bridget Bucky.(MY LINE)

1836.03.24 Nash, Mary-Michael Nash and Mary Sommers, Thomas Hogan and Catherine Hogan.

1836.04.24 Nash, Hanorah-Richard Nash and Hanorah Keane, Robert Fawl and Bridget Hall.

1838.06.07 Nash, Catherine-Richard Nash and Catherine Griffin, Dennis Riordan and Margaret Burns.

1838.09.20 Nash, Mary-Richard Nash and Hanorah Keane, Michael Nash and Bridget Nash.

1838.12.14 Nash, Richard-Michael Nash and Mary Moloney, William Moloney and Bridget Nash.

1839.12.11 Nash, Henry-Charles Nash and Mary McNamara, James Culhane and Mary Culhane.

1840.03.16 Nash, Patrick-John Nash and Johanna Mangan, John Cowhey Bridget Dooly.

1840-03-28 Nash Johannna-Patrick Nash and Mary Costelloe, Michael Wall and Hanorah Scanlan.

1841.02.09 Nash, Helen-Richard Nash and Catherine Griffin, Michael McGuird and Mary Farrell.

1841.08.29 Nash, John-Charles Nash and Anne O'Carroll, Charles Nash and M. O'Carroll.

1841.12.16 Nash, Catherine-Michael Nash and Mary Moloney, Thomas Quin and Bridget Nash.

1842.02.10 Nash, James -Patrick Nash and mary Costelloe, John Minitor and Anne Looney.

1842.07.08 Nash, Helen-Patrick Nash and Bridget Riordan, Robert Riordan and Johanna Riordan.

1843.01.19 Nash, John-John Nash and Johanna Mangan, John Dooley and Mary Healy.

1843.04.04 Nash, James James Nash and Mary Cusak, N.R. and Sarah Nash.

1843.05.06 Nash, Madeline-Charles Nash and Anne Carroll, Edmond O'Carroll and Mary Goold.

1844.02.16 Nash, Michael-Richard Nash and Catherine Griffin, Thomas Burns and Elizabaeth Cooney.

1845.08.10 Nash, Richard. Charles Nash, Anne O'Carroll. Richard Carroll, Caroline Nash.


1846.04.19 Nash, Helen. Michael Nash, Eliz. Moloney. Edmund Nash, Anne O'Neill


1847.03.22 Nash, Francis. Charles Nash, Margt. O'Carroll. Fran. O'Carroll, Anne O'Carroll.


1847.04.09 Nash, John.  Js.Nash, Catherine McNamara. Js. Kinnerk, Helen



1848.03.27 Nash, Js. Michael Nash, Margt. Parsons. Lauce. Nestor,

Catherine Nash


1848.06.06 Nash, Catherine. Lauce. Nash, Hana. Connors. Michael Connors

Hana. Fitzgerald. (MY LINE)


1848.06.18 Nash, Catherine. Patrick Nash, Mary Costelloe. Js. Leahy,

 Mary Costelloe.


1848.06.21 Nash, Redmond. Charles Nash, Anna O'Carroll.

 John O'Carroll, Helen Nash.


1848.12.10 Nash Js. Richard Nash, Mgt. Hammond. Michard Hammond,

Mary Brick. 


1849.07.22 Nash, Bridget. Js. Nash, Bridt. McNamara. Patrick Shanahan,

Helen McDonagh.


1849.07.28 Nash, Michael. Js. Nash, Cath. Synan. Jn. Kenny, Mary Ryan.


1850.05.17 Nash, John. Patrick Nash, Mary Costelloe. Thomas Hennessey, Mgt. McMahon


1851.12.18 Nash, Bridgt.  Js. Nash, Cath. Mcnamara. Js. Kinnerk, N.R.


1852.02.01 Nash, Sarah. Patrick Nash, Mary Costelloe. Patrick Madigan,

 Mary Madigan.


1852.05.03 Nash, Michael. Patrick Nash, Mary Healy. Patrick Healy,

 Sarah Nash.


1853.01.30 Nash, Jna. Patrick Nash, Mary Healy. Michael Nash,

 Mary Leahy.


1853.05.09 Nash, Sarah. Michael Nash, Cath. Neville. Js. Quinlevane,

 Anne Lynch.


1854.03.06 Nash, Anne. Patrick Nash, Mary Costello. Patrick Nash,

 Mary Nash.


1854.05.09 Nash, Mary. Patrick Nash, Mary Healy. Js. Healy, Mgt. Healy.


1854.07.24 Nash, Mary. Js. Nash, Cath. McNamara. Thomas Kelly,

 Mary Shaughnessy.


1855.11.01 Nash, Mgt. Michael Nash, Cath. Neville. Patrick Nash,

 Mary Costelloe.


1856.05.06 Nash, Mgt. Patrick Nash, Mary Costelloe. Michael Nash,

 Sarah Nash


1856.05.08 Nash, John. Thomas Nash, Mgt. Mescall. Michael Mescall,

 Brid. Mescall.


1857.10.03 Nash, John. Charles Nash, Anne Staunton. Charles Nash,

 Ann Carroll.


1857.10.27 Nash, Mgt. Patrick Nash, Mary Healy. Con. Healy,

 Brid. Connor.


1857.11.09 Nash, Patrick. Patrick Nash, Mary Costelloe. Michael Galvin,

 Cath. Nash.


1858.02.21 Nash, Brid.. Michael Nash, Cath, Nelville. Js. Neville,

 Brid. Neville.


1860.01.16 Nash, Michael. Patrick Nash., Mary Costelloe. N.R., Susan Bourke.

1860.04.15 Nash. Cath. Michael Nash, Cath. Neville. Thomas Nash, Helen Keeffe.


1860.04.29 Nash, Mary, Charles Nash, Elanor Staunton. Michael Ryan, Maria Ryan.


1860.05.04 Nash, Michael. Thomas Nash, Mgt. Mescall. Michael Mescall, Cath.O"Brien.


1860.09.25 Nash, Michael. Patrick Nash, Mary Healy. Dl. Leahy, Cath. Nash.


1861.10.17 Nash, John Michael Nash, Mary Madigan. Ml. Mulqueen, Helen Mulqueen.


1862.07.28 Nash, Michael. Edmund Nash, Mary Sheahan. N.R., Mary O'



1862.08.03 Nash, John. Thomas Nash, Sarah Galvin. Jn. Nestor Anne Galvin.


1863.02.22 Nash, Helen. Charles Nash, Helen Staunton. Wm. Murphy, Mary Murphy.


1863.09.19 Nash, Mgt. John Nash, Mary Kirby. Thomas Connors, Helen Noonan.


1865.05.20 Nash, Mgt. Edmund Nash, Mary Sheehan. Patrick Kennedy, Sarah O'Neill.


1866.12.15 Nash, Charlotte. Charles Nash, Elanor Staunton. Roger O'Sullivan, Anne Finsley.


1867.06.02 Nash, Hana. Edmond Nash, Mary Sheahan. Michael Corbett, Cath. Slattery.


1869.06.29 Nash, Sarah. Charles Nash, Helen Stauton. Js. Hickey, Sarah Collins.


1869.07.25 Nash, Edmund. Edmund Nash, Mary Sheahan. Edmund Sheahan, Mary  Sheehy.


1870.05.22. Nash, Patrick. Patrick Nash, Mary Crotty. N.R., Mary Nash.


1871.03.17    Nash, Patrick. Charles Nash, Nora Stahns. Patrick Nash, ? O' Sullivan.


1873.01.17    Nash, Bridget. Edward Nash, Maria Sheehan. Patrick Halloran, Maria Halloran.

1875.04.04 Nash, Eliz. Edmund Nash, Maria Sheahan. DL. Mcnamara, Mgt. McCarthy.

1876.10.29 Nash, Jn. Edmond Nash/Maria Sheahan. Js. Liston/ Maria Liston.


1881.10.19 Nash, Helen. Charles Nash/ Theodora Sheehy. Robert Sheehy/ Helen Sheehy.


1882.10.26 Nash, Theodora. Charles Nash/ Theodora Sheehy. Jn. Nash/ Helen Nash.


1886.09.14 Nash, Bridgt. John Nash/ Maria Liston. Js. Liston/Bridgt. Liston.


1888.01.11 Nash. Patrick. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. Js. Corbett/ Maria Walsh.


1889.01.13 Nash, Michael. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. Patrick Nash/ Mgt. Corbett.


1889.03.03 Nash, Michael. John Nash/ Maria Liston. John Nestor/Maria Sheehy.


1890.11.16 Nash, Js. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. Jn Cronin/ Mgt. Walsh


1892.04.24 Nash, Jn. John Nash/Maria Liston. Ml. Sullivan/ Cath. Liston.


1892.12.11 Nash, Jn. Michael Nash/Maria Corbett. Thomas Hourigan/ Maria Nash


1892.12.11 Nash. Chris. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. Ml. Corbett/ Anna Corbett.


1893.04.03 Nash, Js. John Nash/ Maria Liston. Maria Sommers/ Maria Shanessy.


1893.11.28 Nash, N.R. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. N.R./N/R.


1894.10.05 Nash, Maria. John Nash/ Maria Liston. Dl. Shaughnessy/ Anne Sommers.


1894.11.04 Nash, Maria. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. Wm. Marshall/ Maria Bradley.


1896.03.08 Nash, Edward. John Nash/ Maria Liston. Dl. Carroll/ Cath. Mulqueen.


1896.03.25 Nash, Joe. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. Michael Madigan/ Maria Gleesome.


1897.08.22 Nash, Patrick. John Nash/ Maria Liston. Ml. Kenrick/ Helen Kenrick.

1897.06.26 Nash, Anna. Michael Nash/ Maria Corbett. Patrick Walsh/ Hana. Ryan.



MORE NASH'S! Askeaton Abbey


The Naish vault in Askeaton Abbey refers to the Naish family of Ballycullen, Askeaton, County Limerick,Ireland. They were very large landowners in the area. The huge vault bears the inscription," In this ruined chapter room, the ancient and exclusive burial place of this family, this tomb was erected by Carroll Naish of Ballycullen Esq.& CO." The tomb commemorate's his wife who died in 1836. Her name was, Mary Sampson Naish.They had a daughter named Caroline Chr. 16/5/1832. Carroll Naish remarried after his wife's death to Ann Margaret O'Carroll. Their children were:
Secilia 1843
John 1841
Richard 1845
Frederick 1847

The Askeaton Abbey was founded in 1389 by the Fourth Earl of Desmond for the Conventual Franciscans. It was improved and enlarged by the 15th century and most of the surviving ruins date from then. In 1579, Sir Nicholas Malby sacked and burned the Abbey, killing many monks. The Franciscans returned in 1627 and restored the Abbey in 1643. The Abbey provides one of the finest examples of the ecclesiastical architecture of its period, the cloisters and the east windows being particularly notable and remarkably well preserved. The whole building is enclosed by a thick stone wall and down through the centuries burials have taken place within the Abbey and in the surrounding yard. Maybe Naish/Nash burials?


John Callaghan married Mary Nash 26th April 1835 Newcastle West Parish. Their children were baptized in Newcastle West Parish. SP= Sponsors.
Their Children:
27.04.1835 Mary Nash SP. Gerard Shanessy/Mary Nash
13.10.1837 Richard Nash SP.Daniel Griffin/Anna Sheahan
11.10.1838 Richard Nash SP. Patrick Nash/Johanna Nash
26.06.1844 John Nash SP. Daniel Griffen/Margaret Nash
05.02.1846 Johanna Nash SP. Frank Nash/ Mary Nash
05.12.1847 Johanna Nash SP. Patrick Nash/ Ellen Nash
31.03.1850 Elizabeth Nash SP. Maurice Casey/Johanna Casey
24.08.1852 Margaret Nash SP. Richard Nash/Johanna Nash
07.10.1854 Richard Nash SP. Patrick Nash/ Johanna Nash
20.05.1858 Bridget Nash SP. James Shaughnessy/J.

James Callaghan leased an office, house and yard at Maiden Street, Newcastle West in 1852.( Gortboy townland) This was leased from Richard Nash and Patrick Nash.

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